Extravagant 3 course meal, cooked and ready to eat!


Santa Maria Goretti Centre is proud to present our Pasto da asporto also known as our Takeaway Meals! Now, you can save time and money by preordering your extravagant three-course meal, cooked and ready to eat!

Each meal comes with an antipasto platter, roasted potatoes, vegetables, and your choice of pasta and entree:

Antipasto Platter
A selection of Italian cold cuts, cheese and olives

Roasted potatoes and vegetable medley


  • Lasagne with meat
  • Gnocchi with Bolognese or tomato sauce
  • Baked Penne Alfredo
  • Cheese Tortellini Baked with rose sauce


  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Pork Milanese
  • Pork Saltimbocca

*Choose one (1)

Options for those with dietary restrictions are available upon request.

$30 Per Person
Make your reservations at least 48 hours in advance and arrange to pick it up Thursday to Saturday, 4pm-7pm, or Sundays, 11am-3pm. Contact us at (780) 426-5026 or smgc@telusplanet.net

Photo by Ali Nafezarefi 

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