8 Ways to Have Fun at Your Wedding Reception

8 Ways to Have Fun at Your Wedding Reception

This is your wedding day! It is all about the lovely couple, so make it yours by bringing your personality out by creating some fun interaction at your reception.

1. Seating

Shake things up by skipping out on the circular table of 8 by having long rectangular tables, end to end. Not only will this look different, it will create more opportunities to have conversations with surrounding guests.

2. Party Favours

You can always show your guests how much you appreciate them by giving them jars of honey, jams or jelly beans or turn your party favours into a game! Get a variety of things that represent your relationship and placed them at each place sitting. Then tell everyone on a scavenger hunt to find his or her pairs or associated item throughout the evening. This will get people mingling!

3. Unique Entertainment

As your guests arrive during the cocktail hour or reception, have some unique entertainment for them to enjoy. Hire a caricature artist, roaming magician, aerialists, dancers, musician or terrarium making so they can take something home.

4. VIP Lounge

Whether its during cocktails, post dinner or later in the evening, create a relaxing setting where your guests can sit and socialize in style. Rent or borrow couches, chairs and other furniture with side tables, flowers, candies and other décor items that match your wedding colors.

5. Interactive Food Station

Our Centre can create a variety of dishes that are not on the menu that can be entertaining for all! Your guests could make their own tacos, create their own pasta plate or enjoy a gelato bar with a variety of toppings.

6. Dinner and a Show

During the dinner, plan little surprises to pop up to entertain your guests. Get one of the family friends to break into a song, plan a professional performance (actors, dancer or musician), get someone to paint the couple at the head table, or some sort of presentation to the parents. Get inventive and people will remember it!

7. Music You Can Dance To

Consult with your DJ or hired band about playing music people can dance to. Stick to the hits, music with a beat and songs that you know do well with getting people of all ages out of their seats. Stage songs that may have a dance associated with them

(Chicken dance, Macarena, line dances, etc) or schedule music that the couple will guaranteed be on the dance floor and will encourage engagement.

8. Plan a Surprise

People love surprises, so catch them off guard with a rehearsed dance or song by the newly weds, goodie bags at the end of the evening, give away a high end prize for one lucky winner, or get everyone together for a massive photo and send it to everyone as a thank you following the wedding.

As this is your wedding day, make it as fun as you can so your guests never forget!

When you have an event at the Santa Maria Goretti Centre, we can help you engage with your audience and suggest ways for you to bring some fun to the party! Ask us how.


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