Be Healthy During the Holidays

Its that time of the year where we celebrate in abundance and there is always someone sharing their delicious home made dishes with you. It can be a challenge to keep sight of being healthy as the season of overindulgence is upon us. Here are some useful ways to make healthy choices that won’t make you create any unnecessary New Year’s resolutions:

Eating lean meats, whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables while resisting from getting stuffed are encouraged throughout the year, so keep that in mind when the holidays arrive. Its easy to get carried away when you see a table full of food or eating way too much when there are back to back meals. Focus on items that you normally don’t get to enjoy on a regular basis, like Nonna’s fresh lasagna or your aunt’s special dips. Avoid filling your stomach with sweets and the prepackaged or mass-produced foods from the store; you just want to make sure that you’re putting the best things inside your body. Also, know when you’re hungry and when you’re getting full.

Its that simple. We don’t want to tell you to skip out on your favourite foods and desserts but we suggest that you take smaller portions and savour each bite. Taking the time to acknowledge the work that went into preparing it and noticing all of the textures and flavours will delay becoming over stuffed and causing you to crash quickly. Enjoy your food and do your best to create balance on your plate.

Like we mentioned above, there is nothing wrong with consuming everything in moderation but be mindful of what you put into your body. Just remember that beverages (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic) can add additional sugars, calories, or saturated fat to your meal. Help balance your enjoyment with a glass or two of water throughout the evening to keep yourself hydrated.

If you want to avoid the temptation of snacking on a turkey leg at midnight with a glass of gravy, you could pack up leftovers for your guests or you could freeze the contents to enjoy another day. Heating up an elaborate holiday meal on a casual Tuesday in winter is just the pick me up that we all need.

Sometimes the only activity we get during the season is moving from one table to another. Do your best and continue your daily routines and find new ways to add exercise to your life to offset the additional intake of calories. Take a walk, go to the gym, play with the kids/grandkids, get outside, shovel the snow, go swimming/skating/tobogganing, etc. It can be hard, but make a conscious effort to be active and you will get through the holidays with more energy than you thought possible.

The struggles are real. Not everyone can celebrate like a Hallmark Holiday movie. Some cannot afford gifts or to make a home cooked meal. Their homes are not decorated or cleaned top to bottom; they don’t have massive families or groups of friends to surround themselves with or they are going through something internally that they just can’t talk about right now. Whatever happens this season, just be grateful for what you do have. It may not be like how your neighbours have it or like other on social media, but what you do have is yours. Appreciate it.

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